Microsoft Dynamics NAV Common Questions

We’ve listed a few of the questions we get asked about Microsoft Dynamics NAV frequently.

Question 1: What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, formerly known as Navision, is a mature, robust and flexible Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution used by over 97,000 companies around the world. It provides all the functionality needed by mid and large size companies to manage the entire business – providing end to end visibility and greater control, in one integrated system using one database. If your company has an ageing system, or is using a number of disparate systems, multiple databases and spread-sheets it is time to look at Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Companies choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV because:

Getting the most out of your business investments, including your IT, is essential to the growth of your company. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available now and delivers lots of enhancements and new features that will help you gain greater control over your business, improve your margins and drive growth. The latest version of Microsoft’s application is quick to deploy, easy to use, and has new capabilities designed to help customers expand in a ‘mobile first, cloud-first’ world.

Question 2: What are the features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Multi device support
Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers standard multi-device support including touch devices, which allows easier access to the data in Dynamics NAV on tablets and smartphones. This means users in small and mid-sized businesses can get access to the data they need from the device they prefer at home, at work, in the warehouse or on the go.

Power BI
Power BI is a powerful reporting tool. Visualising and sharing your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data using Power BI will give you a better overview of your business and will result in better decision making. Self-service BI features in Excel – such as Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View and Power Map extend the data-specific features and capabilities of Excel.

Office 365 integration
Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides interoperability with Office 365, which enables customers to drill down, analyse, share and collaborate with peers. You can quickly and easily sign in to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client using your Office 365 account, the integration means you can update your applications through one login rather than opening multiple apps. Click here to watch our video demonstrating how Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates with Office 365.

Generate reports with word
Microsoft Word is available as a layout editing option for document reports. A single report can now have many layouts, either RDLC, Word, or both.

Report scheduling
You can schedule any report to run on the server, now or scheduled later. Reports will be bundled in a repository in your Role Center.

Better cash management
Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers several cash management enhancements for bank integration, incoming and outgoing payments and for creating and managing electronic payment.

For current customers all these extra functionalities and benefits are included as part of your Microsoft Dynamics Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP). So provided you have a current plan there is no additional licence fee. For new customers Microsoft’s Perpetual Licensing is designed to help small and mid-size businesses jumpstart their financial insights and distribution management, and then easily extend into all functional areas.

Question 3: What functionalities can Microsoft Dynamics NAV offer?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers companies the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary manual processes or spreadsheets and migrate to a single platform to manage their process from end to end. By doing this, and having one single source of data, you can benefit from improved management information and reporting, maximise the efficiency of your staff and also ensure you look after your customers effectively.

Dynamics NAV has the following fully integrated modules available:

Financial Management

Supply chain management

Project management

Customer relationship management

Service management

Service management

Click here for a full list of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017’s functionality.

Question 4: Is this software future proof?

Microsoft continues to invest more in research and development than any other software vendor in the world. Microsoft Dynamics has been benefiting to the tune of around $1billion per annum, which is now very clear to see in both the core product itself and the way it integrates with the rest of Microsoft’s products.

This provides our customers with the ultimate peace of mind, that their investments made in Microsoft Dynamics are sound, and it enables us to continue to enhance businesses using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for many years to come, meaning that our clients will not be looking for alternative software anytime soon.

And with 10 years life cycle support on all new versions, Dynamics NAV will be around for many years to come.

Question 5: Can I migrate from my current system?

The short answer is yes.

Over the years we have migrated customers from all types of systems – from aging DOS and UNIX to bespoke and proprietary systems.

In addition to this, a number of our team have been in the industry for years and have therefore had exposure to other systems. This has enabled us to support clients moving from well known platforms such as Sage, Pegasus, Exchequer and Access, avoiding common pitfalls, but also gaining additional benefits.

Here is a list of the systems we have migrated our customers to Microsoft Dynamics NAV from (this is not exhaustive):

Question 6: What are the licensing options?

Acora is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and reseller of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Simply, you buy the license from Acora and we add our expertise to help you implement it in the most effective way within your unique business.

There are two distinct editions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

The Starter Pack includes three full users and delivers the core functionality many businesses need ‘out of the box’ including: general ledger, multi company, budget management, sales ledger, purchase ledger, cash and bank account management, fixed assets, sales and purchase order processing, inventory management and basic HR.

The Extended Pack delivers a greater level of integrated functionality than the starter pack, and is designed for larger or growing business with a need to automate processes across departments. The Extended Pack delivers all the functionality of the Starter Pack plus: intercompany, liquidity forecasting, resource & project management, timesheet & expenses, full CRM, warehouse management, manufacturing, service management.

With both the Starter and Extended Pack users in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be purchased as full users or limited users. Full Users have access to all areas of the business functionality you have bought, whereas Limited Users are configured for specific roles in the business. The advantage of Limited Users is that you can deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV to more people without the cost associated with a full user licence.

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