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Healthcare, like other areas of manufacturing, is being impacted by several areas outside its control.

The decision to leave the EU – at some point in the future – has brought both challenges and opportunities to the sector. Healthcare organisations still must adhere with EU regulations, and if they continue to export are very likely to need to continue to comply indefinitely. Exports to the EU rose by 3.1% (source: Office for National Statistics December 2016). The change in the value of sterling, in particular the EURO exchange rate, has made exports that much more competitive – bringing a clear opportunity – for now. It is important that Healthcare companies grab this opportunity.

The CBI has also identified innovation as being a key driver for 2017. Across all sectors, the speed of change is increasing – and companies must innovate both in terms of their value propositions and internally so they can bring new products and services to market.

The advent of the term “industry 4.0” or “the fourth industrial revolution” is starting to be used across all manufacturing sectors. However, this is a catch-all phrase for trends, technologies and strategies which are already here. Cloud computing, Big-data and the Internet of Things are all technologies which can be deployed now, to help companies such as yours gain a competitive advantage.

The time to act is now

Acora are able to help companies such as yours leverage the above opportunities and defend against the potential challenges. By deploying the range of Microsoft Business solutions including Office365, Dynamics365 for Sales and Microsoft Dynamics NAV your business will be on a platform built with the latest technology – open architecture allowing for integration and a depth of functionality allowing you to seize new opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides manufacturing and warehousing functionality which will reduce your costs, improve your customer service and ultimately increase margins. Dynamics365 for Sales will improve customer service across the organisation, O365 will allow you to deliver innovation through new product development, and access information anywhere – all fully and tightly integrated.

Of course, all of these solutions are difficult to leverage on their own. This is why companies such as Numark Limited work with Acora as their design and implementation partner. With over 20 years’ of experience with Microsoft technologies within the manufacturing sector, Acora is able to understand your requirements, and work with you to quickly and successfully leverage the latest of technology so that you too remain competitive in such a tough marketplace.

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