How the Service Industry Benefits From Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The pressures of improving customer service and lean economic times create unique challenges for the service industry. If your business is tied to conventional processes, it’s often difficult to predict and respond to customer requests.

Having an ERP system that can improve productivity, efficiency and increase revenue is the best way to stay competitive in today’s market. Here’s how the service industry is using Microsoft Dynamics NAV and how it benefits them:

Planning Services

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can set up the standard tasks that you need to fulfill your customer service requirements, creating a clear plan. You can also map what skills a particular service item requires and the employees which have those skills to the plan. This makes it easy to create service orders and manage job assignments. You can also plan for, monitor and manage how many hours a service typically takes, the repair status, and employee work hours. This helps to ensure that skilled employees are used optimally, and that each service requirement is completed as efficiently as possible.

Fulfilling Service Contracts

Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes features to make setting up ongoing service contracts easy. You can set up contract templates, which you can then use to create standardised contracts for your business, saving time in the future. In addition, you can set up a system to create quotes for each service and turn those quotes into contracts.

Using Dynamics NAV, you can monitor every contract, update and evaluate them. You can see which customers are under warranty, and where you need to charge extra for certain services, ensuring and increasing revenue for your business.

Handling customer enquiries

Easily turn service requests into a service order and, if needed, you can manage a loaner program for your customers. You can also determine your pricing structure, put service pricing offerings into logical groupings, and create price adjustments.

Delivering Services

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides features to help you deliver service according to the contracts that you have created. Your service technicians will find pending service orders easy to locate when they use the Service Tasks window. The Service Tasks Window displays your service obligations, you can see where in your service workflow an order is and change that status to reflect interactions with your customer.

Engineers can also benefit from using MobileNAV to update a services status within Dynamics NAV when they’re on site, as they can now use a number of mobile devices to update your system – whether they have internet access or not.

Managing Receivables

Dynamics NAV easily converts service orders created into invoices, saving your employees time and additional administration. You can record discounts, shipping charges, and other item charges on the invoice before you post it too.

For example, if you require your customers to pay a deposit before your manufacture or ship goods, and if you choose to ship the goods in more than one shipment, you can post a partial invoice for each shipment. Making the process smoother, and increasing timely revenue for your business.

Additionally, you can send reminders or finance charge memos to customers with overdue balances easily through Dynamics NAV, making the management of your payments much easier and more efficient.

For those of you exploring different ERP options right now, you’re probably tired of hearing about how ‘flexible’ they are, and how they will make your business more ‘efficient’. But what does that really mean for your business? Investing in an ERP solution should be the result of a carefully made decision, because it will be an integral part of your organisation.

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