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We have been implementing Microsoft products for over 20 years, allowing us to fine tune our implementation method along the way. In terms of project delivery, failure is not an option, so we focus on getting it right first time. Our implementation projects have a very high success rate, and we intend to keep it that way!

Unique methodology

Our implementation methodology is one of our differentiators. We believe that the ‘least risk’ approach to implementations is to aim to stay as close to the standard product as possible. Therefore, we have designed a unique methodology that mitigates the risk of too much development work, both during the implementation and in the longer term.

There may be some elements to your business that don’t come straight out of the box or you may require integrations with differing software, luckily we have some of the best software developers in the business to help. But our methodology means we can keep bespoke design work to a minimum, which in turn provides you with a solution that is easy to maintain, support and upgrade in the future.

Project involvement from day 1

We’ll get your key users involved right from the start, and we’ll train them on the standard functionality of their new Microsoft product. This gives them total clarity on the potential of the solution and means that as we start to configure the software, we ensure that we end up with the right solution for your business.

Our experience shows this approach results in fewer issues, and no big surprises at the end of the implementation. You have a system designed by your team, guided by our experts.

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